TRIBES 3: Rivals
How To Play

Skiing: Glide like a pro.

Skiing is the key to swift movement across the vast landscapes. Master skiing for fluid mobility, dodging enemy fire, and maintaining momentum to chase down enemies or capture the flag.

Holding shift, typically the sprint key in other FPS games, will build momentum while moving downhill. The steeper the hill, the more speed you'll build.

Here's a video preview of what skiing looks like in action:

What classes will TRIBES 3 have?

Explore the light, medium, and heavy armor classes. Embrace a variety of weapons and abilities across the different loadouts.

// Light classes specialize in flag capture or chasing down an offensive flag capper. This class skis at top speeds and is the fastest and most agile.

// Medium classes are the most balanced and versatile of all roles. Medium armored players are balanced with survivability and speed in mind.

// Heavy classes are the most durable and boast some of the most powerful, heavy hitting weapons in the game. Defend your flag, or play offensively to control points near your enemies' flag.

Insert three here:

Can players customize their loadouts?

Yes, weapon loadouts can be customized depending on your preference and classes. We currently offer a variety of weapons and equipment to choose from such as:

Spinfusors: In light, medium, and heavy formats, with several variants.

Launchers: Bolt, Fusion Mortars, Gladiator, Thumper

Grenades: AP, EMP, Frag, Impulse, Mine, Nitron, Sticky, Smoke

Packs: Blink, Turret, Phase, Regen Station, Stealth, Thrust

Shields: Dome, Heavy, Standard

Sniper Rifles: Phase

Pistols and Shotguns: Nova Colt, Sparrow

Other: Chain Gun, Shocklance

Weapon loadouts and balance may change over time, based on player feedback.

Do weapons need to be unlocked?

Weapons do not need to be unlocked in the game. Additionally, all non-cosmetic items will be easily accessible to players.

Are there any hit scan weapons in the game?

All weapons are projectile only in the game, with the exception of the shotgun and shocklance which are hit scan.

What are perks?

There are 6 different perks to choose from: ‘Pathfinder’, ‘Sentinel’, ‘Raider’, ‘Technician’, ‘Doombringer’, and ‘Juggernaut’, which can affect your movement, damage, flag capturing or defending abilities, and other key gameplay elements!

Perks can be chosen based on your class (Light, Medium, or Heavy), and style preference (Offense or Defense).

Which maps are available to play?

7 maps are currently available with various types of terrain, including some remakes of fan favorites:

Katabatic: A snowy, slope-filled map that combines the excitement of high-speed chases with the beauty of a winter landscape, offering a cool and thrilling experience.

Wavemist: Navigate through a misty, island-like terrain with varied elevations, blending strategic challenges with fun, dynamic movement.

DryDock: Set in a large desert environment with industrial structures, this map offers a mix of open spaces for high-speed action and strategic points for tactical plays.

Dangerous Crossing: Experience the excitement of tightrope-like maneuvers on narrow bridges and chasms, offering a blend of tactical positioning and fun, agile gameplay.

Torment: Traverse a steep volcanic landscape, where players can enjoy the fun of expansive terrain and rocky mountains.

Hollow: Fly through a jungle filled with towering trees, sprawling roots, and vines.

Raindance: Glide through a series of plains, hills, towers, and bridges that create a wide array of combat options.

Three smaller maps are available as well, in custom matches only: Honor Dome, Ice Dome, and Magma Dome.

What is the maximum number of players that can join a single game?

Match sizes of up to 32 players are supported. You can also play with your friends in parties of up to four players in casual modes, such as 16 v. 16 CTF (“Capture the Flag”).

How will ranked gameplay work?

The core game mode for ranked play will initially be 7 v. 7 Capture the Flag. Ranked play systems are similar to those of most current shooters, such as Valorant and Apex. We expect to provide more detailed information on ranked play at a later time.

Will custom matches be supported?

Yes! Custom matches allow players to select from a variety of maps, adjust their team sizes, and configure game settings such as player health, energy, thrust, and gravity.

Will vehicles be available in TRIBES 3?

Vehicles may be available in the far future, but will not be available during the early access phase.

Is there health regeneration in the game?

Players do not passively regenerate health over time. To regain health in a match, players can pick up health nuggets from players they eliminate, or recall to their base.

Will the game be protected against hacks or cheating?

Yes. We use multiple internal and external systems to protect against cheating or hacks in game. We have a variety of systems in place to catch and report any cheaters, and warn or ban them when necessary. We use Denuvo Anti Cheat in game, which you can read more about in the Denuvo Anti Cheat FAQ. Note that this is not the same as Denuvo Anti Tamper (aka Denuvo DRM), it is a SEPARATE product.

Does TRIBES 3 include any accessibility features?

We offer the ability to change the reticle color of weapons to support players who are color blind or impaired, and the ability to adjust in-game volume for players who are hearing impaired.

Does TRIBES 3 include a VGS (Voice Game System)?

VGY (Yes!)

Is there a support system if I run into issues playing the game?

Yes, gameplay related issues can be reported in our Discord, through email, and at Early Access we will have our helpdesk set up on our website.

I’m a Content Creator, how can I get involved with TRIBES 3?

Please join our Discord, and submit a support ticket to become a Creator! You’re also welcome to use our Creator kit for free which includes our logo, game screenshots, outros, fonts, b-roll, etc.

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