TRIBES 3 Player Update

Jun 26, 2024 6:31 PM

Giving Back to TRIBES 3 & Starsiege: Deadzone Players

June 26, 2024

To our community,

Thank you so much for buying our games! To give back for your support, we’re offering credits to all players who made purchases in TRIBES 3 or Starsiege: Deadzone in the past:

  • If you made any purchases in Starsiege: Deadzone or TRIBES 3 before June 27, 2024, you’ll receive credits towards our new game, Ultra Strikers.

  • For every dollar you spent on Starsiege: Deadzone or TRIBES 3 before June 27, 2024, you’ll receive a dollar in credits towards Ultra Strikers. For example, if you spent $10 in Starsiege: Deadzone, and $20 in TRIBES 3, you’d receive $30 in credits to use towards Ultra Strikers.

  • The credits will take into account all purchases you made on Starsiege: Deadzone or TRIBES 3 before June 27, 2024, including base purchases of the games, season passes, cosmetics, etc.

  • For past purchases in foreign currencies, the credit amount towards Ultra Strikers will be matched 1:1 in the same currency (with conversion applied if needed). 

Credits towards Ultra Strikers will be granted to the Steam account that was used to make purchases in Starsiege: Deadzone or TRIBES 3, at a later time. You do not need to take any action at this time to receive your credits towards the new game. As Ultra Strikers nears launch, we’ll provide more detail on how the credits can be used for Ultra Strikers purchases.

These credits are meant to give back to players who supported us in early development. We’re doing our best to support TRIBES 3 with limited updates (along with an upcoming discount sale to bring in more players), and plan to return to Starsiege Deadzone once the company has the resources, but unfortunately neither game had enough success yet to support the studio and can’t be our main development focus right now (as much as we love them).

Thank you for your support. Going forward, we’ll continue to focus on updating existing games as much as we can, while creating new games players enjoy. We love making games, we love playing games, and thanks again for giving our games a shot and being part of the community!

- Prophecy Games